Five reasons to be cheerful…

Photo of Big Ben in the distance

Yep, that’s Big Ben. I promise!

This week I’ve made myself stop and take note of the things that have made me feel happy, lucky or positive. I find that, far too often, it’s just too easy to be negative – and I know I’m as big a culprit as anyone. So I wanted to make a note of the things that made me smile broadly this week. Here goes…

1. An evening walk around Westminster. I was in The Big Smoke for work this week, and I’m very lucky to work with some great friends. So we stopped at a nearby pub for dinner, then it was lovely just to have a little wander. Said hello to Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and had a stroll through St James’ Park. We were out for maybe half an hour or so, but I love just meandering in London when I have time. It’s really refreshing to have the chance without having to dash around everywhere.

2. My game of netball on Wednesday. Even though we lost, I really enjoyed our game this week. It’s the first time I’ve really felt like myself since Christmas, and it was great to get on court and really get into it with a brilliant team of girls. Need to get a few more runs in though to improve my New Year fitness!

3. Friday night. It was freezing when I got home from work, and we had planned to go out for something to eat, but instead we stayed in, thawed out, made pasta and opened a bottle of red. We watched telly and laughed lots at Eight out of Ten Cats does Countdown – my favourite thing on the box at the minute. And yes, I do have a notebook to try and get the jumbles!

4. Snow! Yes, I know it’s a pain if you have to go anywhere, and it may be childish to some, but I love it when it snows. I still find it so magical, and I get totally mesmerised by it. I could sit and watch it snow for hours. Which is pretty much what I did yesterday!

5. Feeling challenged. I had a good week at work. In fact, I had a great week at work. Doing something a bit different and enjoying being stretched. I’m looking forward to more of that to come in the next few weeks too.

So I’ve had a few things to be thankful for this week, and I’ll try to look out for the good moments next week too. I can think of a couple of things I’m looking forward to already!

What made you smile over the last week?

Kate xxx

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4 thoughts on “Five reasons to be cheerful…

  1. awholelotoflovely on said:

    1) reading your blog (love a bit of positivity!)
    2) enjoying my new car (sad but true!)
    3) a night at the dogs with great friends for a friends birthday
    4) catching up with friends that have moved away
    5) meeting baby Lois – my lovely friends gorgeous new daughter
    7) organising some exciting netball events – nights out and our next comedy night planning!
    6) quality time with the hubby to finish the week off!

    Here’s to another week of great things! 🙂

  2. Sharing positive time with family.
    Visiting friends.
    Finishing the edits on a new manuscript.
    Walking around St Martins and meeting fellow writers for a chat.
    Losing 4 lbs 🙂

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