The 8oz Burger Co. 'Delta' burger

Eating’s treating…

8oz Burger Co. - The Delta burger

The Delta at 8oz Burger Co. – topped with a black olive and jalapeno jam. Beaut!

It’s been a rather foodie week. Starting on Monday after a late return from London and a trip to our local independent burger restaurant.

8oz Burger Co., in Barnsley, has been open since last summer. We were very excited to learn it was coming to the Arcade in town, hailing it as exactly the type of thing Barnsley needed. And it didn’t disappoint. We’ve been a few times, keen to support our local community and small independent businesses. I’ve tried to work my way through the delicious (and sometimes downright strange!) combinations the menu offers. It’s a simple idea – the 8oz burger patty, with 30 variations to choose from.

Our favourites include The Pig Out (Mr H’s weapon of choice) – 8oz burger patty with sausage, chorizo, pulled pork and bacon – and The Elvis for me, which sees the 8oz patty topped with peanut butter and jam. Believe me, it took a few visits for me to pluck up the courage to order one, but I’m so glad I did. An American classic (apparently) which, until now, had escaped me. And I know it shouldn’t work, but it really, really does!

Both served with Peri-Peri fries, this was just what I needed for a Monday night treat!

We’ve also enjoyed a two-for-one at Carluccio’s this week, which included a salumi board to die for, a cheeky weekend glass of red and a couple of tortellini dishes with robust venison in red wine and a more delicate prosciutto and cream. Our two for one voucher came from Vouchercloud.

And I tried Friends of Ham with some friends in Leeds, which we’ve had our eye on for a while. They’re all about great beer and charcuterie, and they offer a British selection of cured meats which I’m definitely interested in!

After an expansion at the end of last year, we decided to give it a go for a graze-and-Prosecco type affair which delivered exactly what was called for. We ordered the HAM favourites cheeseboard (Comte, Roquefort and Langres) and the Italian meat plate, offering Salame della Rossa, Ventricina del Vastese and Coppa. The meats were all fantastic, with the Ventricina a firm favourite – soft and smoky with a distinctive heat that stuck around! And I was very excited to try the deliciously creamy Comte – apparently it’s Raymond Blanc’s favourite!

So while I still dream of the delectable dishes I’ve been lucky enough to sample this week, it won’t be long before I’m at it again. For starters (no pun intended, honestly), I’m looking forward to our trip to The Spiced Pear in Hepworth next weekend to celebrate my lovely Mum’s birthday. Now, pass me that menu!

Where are your top local places to eat? And what would you recommend on the menu?

Kate xxx

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