The grounds at New Hall Hotel and Spa, Sutton Coldfield

Five simple things that make me smile…

The grounds at New Hall Hotel and Spa

Getting a change of scenery this weekend at New Hall Hotel and Spa in Sutton Coldfield

There are certain things that, no matter what’s going on, will always make me smile. And actually, they’re all pretty simple really.

1. A change of scenery. It makes a world of difference to me, and it can be as easy as heading to Locke Park for a walk. For an extra special treat though, I love packing up and booking into a hotel for the weekend. Away from the housework, actual work and getting some time to clear my head. Especially if there’s a chance to enjoy the countryside and make the most of the fresh air. Delightful.

2. Eating with my husband. Sounds almost too simple, I know. But whether it’s grabbing something on the go, cooking (him usually, to be fair!) at home or sitting down in a great restaurant – it’s one of my favourite things to do. We both love food so much, as you may have guessed, and to enjoy a good meal together makes me really happy. Even more so if we can share it with friends and family.

3. A girly gossip with friends. Yep, I know it’s probably completely unsurprising, but even a short, sharp catch up really tops up my happy bank! I’ve had a couple of such instances this week, and I’m very lucky that I can even get a quick fix at work, thanks to brilliant colleagues who are brilliant friends too!

4. Surprise family time! Making a quick stop in to see the parents and being lucky enough to get hugs from brother, one of my sisters and a nephew all in one hit. Great stuff!

5. Turning on the car stereo without knowing what’s in the CD player and a favourite album, and indeed tune, plays immediately. Makes for a great start to the day. And for the absolute certainty that I looked a complete idiot screaming my head off to ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’ driving through my home town. Bottom line – great song, really don’t care!

What are the simple things that will always draw a smile with you?

Kate xxx

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