To celebrate or not to celebrate?

Me and my husband

Aw, me and Mr Handley. A little younger, but what the hell!

I couldn’t write something this weekend without a nod to Valentine’s Day.

I started thinking about it this morning (after having been out for a really lovely dinner last night at The Spencer Arms, I must add!) and wondering, as a nation, how much we actually get into the spirit of it.

My dad was never into it, though I suspect both parents may have had something to do with the card I was sure to receive every year until I got my first actual boyfriend!

And I do know a few people who do shun the whole thing. Yes, there’s a huge commercial backdrop to Valentine’s Day, and according to the British Retail Consortium we were due to spend around £119 each on gifts and paraphernalia last year.

But I think there is some sentiment to find here too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need a card or a ‘special day’ to tell my husband how I feel about him. But sometimes it’s nice to put pen to paper and write it down. And it was really nice to go out last night and just celebrate us. Cheesy, yes (it’s Valentine’s weekend, what did you expect?!). But taking the time to do just that, in whatever form suits, I think is essential for keeping a relationship healthy. And a nice dinner certainly suits us.

As a final thought, prompted earlier today by one of my beautiful sisters, it’s not necessarily just about husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, significant others and lovers. Celebrating all the people we love is important. Our families and friends – the people who love us. Nobody knows what’s around the corner, so make time to celebrate your relationships. And if this weekend – slush, pink hearts, chocolates and all – has given you the inspiration to do that, I’m all for it!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Kate xxx

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