Venison carpaccio with spinach, chorizo and chillies

Things to do in 2015 – so far…

Venison carpaccio with spinach, chorizo and chillies

More of this for me – being aware of what I eat and making some healthier food choices is one of my goals for 2015

So I thought I’d have a quick review of the things on my list for this year. The progress I’ve made so far includes:

  • booking my wine tasting experience – set for 8 March, so watch this space! You can read more about my reasons for this one here;
  • completing the first part of the process to potentially go back to academic learning – something I’ve been toying with for a while now;
  • motivating myself to go running both days this weekend (2015 will be the year I crack 10km sub-60 minutes!); and
  • being more aware of the food choices I’m making – in the most part, though the Chinese takeaway and pizza I scoffed this weekend may suggest otherwise – in a bid to be a little healthier.

The final thing I’ve made good progress on, I think, is my goal to write more. Work has taken a turn for me, allowing me to write more in a professional capacity which is brilliant. But on a personal level, I’ve continued to post each week since the beginning of the year.

When I wished you all Happy New Year on 2 January, I promised myself I’d keep it up this year so I wrote myself a three-month plan to help me get there. And, seven weeks in, I’m pleased to say I’ve stuck to it. It’s made my Sundays much easier and writing much more enjoyable for me. Shortly I’ll be starting to plan for the next three months, to keep me going through to the summer – manageable chunks are definitely the way forward I think!

How have you got on with your goals so far this year? Are there any you’ve already ticked off?

Kate xxx

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